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Tips for selling a vacant home

Tips for selling a vacant home

The debate over whether it’s easier to sell a vacant or occupied home rages on. While both have their pros and cons, here are some quick tips for helping you sell a vacant home.

How To Sell a Vacant Home?

Many times, buying a home can be a very emotional experience. When people walk into an empty home, it can be difficult for them to visualize the full potential of the new space. However, adding some cozy pieces and keeping it clean & simple will help the potential buyers to imagine their own life inside the home.

Another tip for selling a vacant home would be to let a couple of trusted neighbors know what’s going on. Knowing your home is being looked after while you’re in the sales process is always comforting. This assures that the house stays in good condition between showings so you don’t have to continuously check on the property. This can be a burden depending on distance between your home/work and the vacant home you’re trying to sell.

Contact Us to Sell Your Vacant Home

However, if you were looking to bypass all of this, you could always call a real estate investor. Here at Valley Residential Group, a licensed real estate professional will meet you one time at your property. Within a day or so you are presented with an offer & we can typically close within 10 days. This ensures your property is sold almost as quickly as possible to reduce the time its sitting vacant and at risk under your watch. If a quick sale and a mind at ease interests you, please give us a call at Valley Residential Group, 860-589-4663.

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