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The Perks of “on your timeline”

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Whether you’re moving by yourself, or moving a family of five; moving to a new home is no easy undertaking. As with any big life event, there’s weeks of planning and preparation before the big day. Whether you’re hiring a moving company or taking it on by yourself, a bump in the plan, or in the timeline, can really mess you up.

Now, could you imagine if that was all in the hands of another? Counting on your buyer to get their paperwork to their mortgage broker’s in a timely manner? Or counting on that mortgage commitment, only to have it pushed back another two weeks. Often times, this is exactly what happens, you’re left crossing your fingers your home is bought by another; just so you can finally move into your dream house. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress (again, at the hands of another) but it causes your family to live half out of boxes until that clear to close is finally issued.

When you buy from Valley Residential Group, we strive to ensure this is as convenient for you as possible. You can avoid the uncertainty of IF and WHEN your house sells. There is no waiting for financing, once an offer is made and accepted by you, the sale is as good as done. If you are relocating to a different state, a flexible closing on your timeline is always what’s best. Rather than you work around us, we will help to work around you and your moving schedule.

We help to avoid the hassles of negotiations, last minute changes and most importantly, we help to avoid any disruption of your timeline. If this is something that eases your mind about the sale of your home, please call Valley Residential Group LLC today at 860-589-4663.

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