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The Deal with “AS-IS”

sell the house as-is

Oftentimes, before deciding to sell your property, there’s this moment where you take inventory of all those little projects life got in the way of, or maybe you really take notice of the heaping piles of children’s toys or maybe even just the couch that’s a little too big for the living space. While you lived with these things and loved your home, selling a house that isn’t in tip-top shape can be challenging.

Declutter and Depersonalize

A real estate agent will insist that you first declutter and depersonalize. This helps prospective buyers envision their families in your home. From here, you’ll also want to make sure your house is spotless for all showings, and you’ll likely be asked to possibly do some small home projects to make your property more marketable. Yes, these things are proven to work; it’s a kind gesture for your real estate agent to offer up this advice. However, it’s not always reasonable.

Why “AS-IS”?

The deal with “as-is” will solve all those dilemmas. Not only will our offer keep in mind any construction or cosmetic concerns with the home, but you will be able to leave all your personal items right where they’ve always been. This means throughout the move as well! If you have old belongings that are either garbage or can be donated, we will handle that. We donate as much as possible to minimize waste and your stress! So, whether this is your home or a home you have inherited, we always leave “as-is” on the table. No need to touch a single thing at the property; just let one of our experienced real estate specialists come out and give you a no-obligation quote and relax knowing your to-do list just got shorter!

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