How to sell your house in 10 days or less

Sometimes life puts us in situations that maybe we weren’t expecting or that you need to navigate through quickly. Regardless of the specifics, sometimes this includes needing to sell your house quickly. Lucky for us, we live in a land of opportunity and choices!

If you decide to go the standard route of hiring a real estate agent and allowing potential buyers to come see your property, there are some important things to remember if a quick sale is important to you! Selling via real estate agent on a set timeline is not ideal, but nothing is impossible. With some major effort and accommodation, it could happen for you. It is important to be realistic with what you’re working with and to examine the competition. What I mean by this is you should really look at your home, your asking price & other local listings. If selling in less than two weeks is top priority, then be sure to keep a competitive asking price, high enough to get what you need but low enough to keep interest!

Another important factor to selling in less than 10 days via real estate agent is to be sure to keep your home “show ready” and be as accommodating as possible! This means always make sure your home is clean and organized and allow potential buyers to come for a showing when they request.

If this route doesn’t seem like something you could do, you could always contact a local real estate investor. While it may seem too good to be true, selling in less than ten days is a bona fide possibility! In many instances, a closing cannot happen until financing has been approved. However, when you sell to an investor, the financing is not an issue as they’re cash buyers!

Here at Valley Residential Group, we will send one of our real estate professionals to assess your property and within 24 hours you’ll have your offer. Again, when selling to a real estate investor, you’ll have minimal waiting periods. We eliminate many of the unknowns of selling a home. Financing is already in order, so we’ll buy on your timeline!