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How We Buy Houses

Welcome to our How It Works page, your guide to the straightforward process of selling your house fast with Valley Residential Group, Central Connecticut’s reliable home buying solution. Here, we offer a seamless journey, guiding you step by step through the home selling process.

Our Simple Process

Contact Us

Tell us about your property by calling us at (860) 589-4663 or simply fill out this form.

Meet with Us at the Property

Russ will view the property and answer any additional questions you may have.
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We Make You an Offer

Get a free, no obligation cash offer within 24 hours of our appointment.

Choose Your Closing Date

We can close on your schedule whether you need a fast or a slow closing.
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When Valley Residential Group Is Your Buyer, Selling Becomes Easy

At Valley Residential Group, we prioritize simplicity and ease. Our promise to you includes eliminating concerns about costly repairs, helping you avoid agent fees that come with traditional home sales, and operating on your schedule.

We buy homes as-is, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger or spend a dime on repairs. Additionally, selling directly to us means you won’t have to worry about commission fees that could eat into your profit. You set the pace, and we follow. If you’re looking to sell your house fast for a hassle-free experience, choose Valley Residential Group.

We are dedicated to making the selling process seamless and stress-free With Valley Residential Group, you can expect fair and competitive offers tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize transparency and open communication, ensuring you are informed and involved every step of the way.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

You Get a Fair Offer

You Avoid All the Hassles and Close at Your Convenience

Put Your Money in the Bank and Move On!

We work to get you a competitive offer within 24 hrs of us seeing the property – this being regardless of condition, age, or repairs needed on your home. We know all too well that unexpected situations can arise that leave people wanting to sell their home as-is. We recognize that no two situations are alike, so we will tailor the offer to fit your situation.

The good news is that by selling your home for cash, you can save money on repairs, improvements, and cleaning. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of staging, inconvenient showings, open houses, nosy inspectors, appraisals, and mortgage contingencies. With a guaranteed cash sale on the date of your choice, you can experience a streamlined and stress-free process.

We have resources and processes in place to facilitate the timely purchase of your property. Our goal is to ensure a seamless experience for you, where you can confidently move forward with the sale. By selling your house, you can leave behind the stress and challenges associated with it, and embrace the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life.

Note: All information is kept strictly confidential.

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Sell Your House Fast With Valley Residential Group

Looking to sell your house fast? You’re not alone. Homeowners across Connecticut are seeking quick, convenient ways to sell their properties, especially in today’s dynamic real estate market. That’s where Valley Residential Group steps in. We’re your reliable home-buying company who can buy your home quickly and efficiently, providing you with a cash offer in no time. Why should you opt to sell your house fast for cash? There are several reasons. 

Simplified Process: Traditional real estate transactions can be complicated and time-consuming. With Valley Residential Group, you bypass complex steps like repairs, staging, listings, showings, and negotiations. We buy houses in any condition, meaning you do not need to invest in costly repairs or upgrades.

Sale Certainty: Unlike traditional transactions, where deals can fall through due to financing issues, inspection findings, or buyer’s remorse, a cash offer from Valley Residential Group virtually guarantees your sale. Once you accept our cash offer, you can rest assured that the deal is secure.

Quick Deal, Quick Cash: Selling your house fast with us ensures you have quick access to cash. This is especially beneficial if you’re planning a relocation, dealing with an inherited property, or aiming to liquidate your assets quickly or facing financial difficulties.

With Valley Residential Group, the process is straightforward. Contact us, let us evaluate your property, receive a fair cash offer, and once accepted, we close on your timeline. No commissions, no closing costs, no hassles. We’re here to cater to your unique needs, ensuring the selling process is as smooth and efficient as possible.  

Have Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about how to sell your house fast with Valley Residential Group? We’re here to help! Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you and provide the information you need. Whether you want to understand our process better, or simply discuss your options, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible when you’re ready to sell your house fast. Call us today at (860) 589-4663, and let us help you sell your house faster than you ever thought possible!

“Very helpful; Russ walked us through the entire process when we first met. He took great care in addressing all of our questions and concerns. This was a painless process – no showings, no inspections, easy out! We highly recommend Valley Residential Group to anyone considering a quick, easy move.”

Jeffrey G.


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