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We Buy Houses in Hartford County!

Central Connecticut’s Upfront Home Buying Company

Hartford County is home to the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. The Hartford Courant had its first issue published on October 29, 1764, containing only four pages of print and has been running to date! Unfortunately for us Connecticuters, that doesn’t make connecting with a reputable, trustworthy home buyer any easier.

Selling your home is a potentially life changing, draining commitment. You deserve better than the added difficulty of dealing with middlemen that overcomplicate the process and end up walking away with a cut of the final commission.

You deserve the ease of working with Valley Residential Group as your trusted Hartford County home buyers.


“How Can I Sell My House in Hartford County for Fast Cash?”

Valley Residential Group is the answer. By dealing with us, you get a quick cash offer on your Hartford County home as-is. No need to worry about paying a 5.4% fee to a real estate agent or dealing with nosy home inspectors. We buy your home directly.

There are three simple steps to the process:

Step 1. We Make You a Fair Offer.

Once you’ve reached out to us (via the contact form or through giving us a call), we’ll follow up with a free consultation and a free, no obligation offer. All of your information is kept confidential, and there are no hidden costs associated with our services.

Step 2. You Avoid All Hassles and Close on Your Timeline.

When Valley Residential Group is your buyer, selling becomes easy. You don’t have to deal with:

  • Decluttering, fixing up, or cleaning your house.
  • Working with a real estate agent after a commission fee.
  • Fidgety buyers who back out of deals at the last second.

Step 3. You Put Your Money in the Bank and MOVE ON!

Once the deal is set, we give you the check. And that’s the end of it – no middlemen, no commission owed, the money you receive for your house is 100% yours to do whatever you want with. Who needs to deal with real estate agent fees?

As licensed professionals, we’re well aware of our clients’ needs and will stay by your side throughout the entire process. You can always reach out to us if a question or concern comes up.

Hartford County: make the right choice for your house, based on your needs. If we are not the best option for you, we’ll be the first to tell you.

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