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We Buy Houses in Farmington!

Central Connecticut’s Upfront Home Buying Company

Farmington’s borders touch the towns of Avon, Burlington, Newington, West Hartford, Plainville, New Britain and Bristol, making it a perfectly placed suburban town to stay close to loved ones around the state. With public schools in Farmington ranking in the top ten nationally, it is no surprise that living here is truly a treat.

Even in a town with a strong demand for housing, finding a professional, trustworthy buyer for your home can be the hardest part of an already difficult process. This is a potentially life changing commitment – the stress is of that is enough without adding on the issues of managing middlemen like real estate agents or having a buyer drop out of a sale at the last minute.

Farmington home sellers deserve better. Farmington home sellers deserve the ease and speed of a home buyer like Valley Residential Group. Having purchased homes directly in Farmington ourselves, we are the buyer you’ve been looking for!


“How How Can I Sell My House in Farmington for Fast Cash?"

By selling your home to us, you can get a quick cash offer on your home as-is. That’s right: no worrying about cleaning up your home, no paying out a 5.4% fee to a real estate agent, and no dealing with prying home inspectors.

The process is simple:

Step 1. We Make You a Fair Offer.

After you’ve contacted us, we can set up a free consultation to get you your free, no obligation offer. Please note, any information we exchange at any point throughout this process will be kept confidential.

Step 2. You Avoid All Hassles and Close at Your Convenience.

You don’t have to worry about:

  • Cleaning up, repairing, or tidying your house at all. We want it as-is.
  • Working around a real estate agent’s schedule and paying them a commission fee.
  • Unreliable buyers that back out of a deal at the last moment.

When Valley Residential Group is your buyer, selling becomes easy.

Step 3. You Put Your Money in the Bank and MOVE ON!

Once the deal is set, we give you the check. All that money is yours to spend from then on. Who needs to deal with real estate agent fees?

We’ve served Connecticut since 2007 and have built up a reputation as trustworthy, licensed professionals. Part of that comes from our commitment to working with you throughout the entire home selling process. Our lines are always open if you want to talk.

Farmington: make the right choice for your house, based on your needs. If we are not the best option for you, we’ll be the first to tell you.

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