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With a population just over 18,000, an owner occupant rate over 80%, and a low crime rate, Avon has been voted repeatedly into the top five best places to live in Connecticut. While it may be difficult to make the decision to leave such a wonderful town, selling your home shouldn’t be so difficult!

For most sellers, the primary difficulty they face in a sparse suburban town such as Avon, is connecting with a professional, local buyer. Working with real estate agents and home inspectors can be a hassle, and a fidgety buyer might end up backing out at the last second. Home selling is a big, potentially life changing commitment – you want stability and ease throughout the entire process. You want a guaranteed deal and a sense of satisfaction by the end.

In other words, you want Valley Residential Group: your trusted Avon home buyers.


“How Can I Sell My House in Avon for Fast Cash?”

Valley Residential Group is prepared to give you a quick cash offer on your Avon home as-is. That’s right: there’s no middlemen in this process. No real estate agents with their 5.4% commissions, no prying home inspectors.

There are three simple steps to the process:

Step 1. You Get a Fair Offer .

After you’ve reached out to us via a free consultation, we’ll get you your free, no obligation offer. (Note: all of the information we exchange is kept strictly confidential, and there are absolutely zero hidden costs associated with our services).

Step 2. You Avoid All Hassles of a Traditional Closing and Close at Your Convenience!

We can move on the sale as quickly as you require. We understand that the home selling experience can be deeply personal. It’s not about moving property; it’s about moving hearts. That said, us buying your home as-is means you avoid:

  • Decluttering, cleaning, or fixing up your home.
  • Collaborating with a real estate agent and paying their fee.
  • Fidgety buyers who get out of deals last-minute through contingency clauses.

Step 3. You Put Your Money in the Bank and MOVE ON!

Once the deal is set, we give you the check. Since we’ve cut out the middlemen, that’s the end of it on your end. The money is 100% yours to do with as you please.

As licensed professionals, we’re committed to providing for you throughout this entire process. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns you’d like addressed. We’ve purchased many properties throughout the Avon area and are here for you and your unique situation.

Avon: make the right choice for your house, based on your needs. If we are not the best option for you, we’ll be the first to tell you.

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