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Tips for selling a vacant home

The debate over whether it’s easier to sell a vacant or occupied home rages on. While both have their pros and cons, here are some quick tips for helping you sell a vacant home. Many times, buying a home can be a very emotional experience. When people walk into an empty home, it can be difficult […]

How to sell your house in 10 days or less

Sometimes life puts us in situations that maybe we weren’t expecting or that you need to navigate through quickly. Regardless of the specifics, sometimes this includes needing to sell your house quickly. Lucky for us, we live in a land of opportunity and choices! If you decide to go the standard route of hiring a […]

Is selling to an investor a scam?

Hear me out .. Yes, you’re reading this post, on an investor’s website but with a little more exposure, you’ll quickly learn the connotation that accompanies real estate investors is simply not the case all the time. With just a little bit of effort you can spare yourself the hassles of dealing with a dishonest […]

What to consider if you decide to keep your “unneeded property”

An unneeded property sort of sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? What happens if you inherit a cumbersome property and your family is established and living in your own house or maybe you just don’t have the resources for a second property. This is when the phrase “unneeded property” comes into play. There are many […]

What happens when you sell without a real estate agent?

Growing up, I always thought to sell a house you needed one of those well dressed, smiling real estate agents. Mom would go bananas for a length of time; cleaning, organizing, downsizing. Then our real estate agent would come, walk around the house, take pictures and tell Mom we need to do more to the […]

The Perks of “on your timeline”

Whether you’re moving by yourself, or moving a family of five; moving to a new home is no easy undertaking. As with any big life event, there’s weeks of planning and preparation before the big day. Whether you’re hiring a moving company or taking it on by yourself, a bump in the plan, or in […]

The Deal with “AS-IS”

Often times, before deciding to sell your property, there’s this moment where you take inventory on all those little projects life got in the way of, or maybe you really take notice of the heaping piles of children’s toys or maybe even just the couch that’s a little too big for the living space. While […]

What to expect when you inherit a house in CT

Inheriting a house in CT is a multi-layered package! Not only is the family dealing with the death of a loved one; now they are responsible for figuring out exactly what to do with the house itself. Do you rent it? Sell it? Clean it out? Fix it up? As much as you may be […]