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Buying Connecticut Homes Since 2007

Proven Track Record of Integrity & Trust

Valley Residential Group LLC has served Central Connecticut since 2007. We are a local, family-owned and professionally operated house buying company. We buy, rent and sell residential properties, but most importantly we help sellers first. With years of experience, we recognize that no two situations are alike, and we have the expertise and aspiration to tailor the solution to your needs. With a sensitive and understanding approach, we have helped countless homeowners out of challenging situations by purchasing their properties. 

Each seller has a unique set of circumstances, and we pride ourselves on creating win-win solutions.

We have been buying Connecticut houses since 2007. Throughout that time, we have been proving to locals that there’s an easy, stress-free, and convenient way to sell their homes. We have purchased, rented, and sold hundreds of houses throughout Connecticut and we can solve most of the real estate challenges. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help sellers sell their properties while completely eliminating all of the usual hassles that come with the experience of selling their home: de-cluttering and fixing up their property, showing it for months, dealing with difficult buyers, inspectors, appraisers, paying commissions, having the sale fall apart at the last minute, etc. We help sellers that want a convenient, flexible, and guaranteed cash sale. 

Part of the reason that Connecticut locals prefer to sell to us rather than choosing other companies or going through the real estate agent hassle is because they know that we’re one of them. We are a local family-owned small business and truly care about how our business impacts our community.

Selling your home isn’t just about getting rid of it; it’s about you – your needs and concerns need to be addressed, and Valley Residential Group will guide you through the process at your own pace.

We are committed to excellence, and we guarantee to make your home selling experience as easy as possible. We will also make sure to keep any and all information regarding your situation confidential. 

There will be no buyers parading through the house, no agents, and no open houses. We buy houses at the seller’s convenience and their timeline. 

Cut out all the usual hassles of home selling in Connecticut

Decluttering, fixing up, showing for months, handling difficult buyers, inspections, appraisals, mortgage contingencies, paying commissions, having the sale fall apart at the last minute — Enough!

We specialize in purchasing residential properties right here in Central Connecticut. We buy houses “as-is,” so sellers don’t have to waste their time and money preparing their property for sale.

As a local reputable home buyer, we can purchase your house from you in a fast, efficient manner.

There are no fees, commissions, or obligations to get a fair offer from us.



We love buying houses and we really love helping people. We are caring, professional house buyers in Connecticut who have helped countless homeowners out of difficult situations by buying their properties. We’ll be by your side providing guidance throughout the entire transaction, step-by-step. 

Visit our How It Works page to get more information and to fill out the form to let us know about your property. We’ll get you your quick, fair cash offer within days.

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